Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pineapple Deluxe

Pineapple is similar to Texas Hold'em in that you are dealt hole cards to be used with community cards to make the best five card hand. The only difference is that with Texas Hold'em you get two hole cards, with pineapple you get three.

So is Pineapple just where Texas and Omaha meet? Not exactly, with Omaha you are dealt four hole cards with the requirement that two must be used in your hand. With Texas Hold'em and Pineapple, there is no such requirement.

The "deluxe" of Pineapple Deluxe is that the final community card, the river, is wild and makes the three other cards of the same value wild. The extra hole card inherent to Pineapple allows for better than average Hold'em hands. The four wild cards, one of which everyone has, makes any hand less than a full house a likely loser. If you play this abomination of poker, don't feel confident without four (or better yet five) of a kind or a straight flush.


  1. If the wild river card is used for yourr *3* hole cards.. that's not the only variation. In normal Crazy Pineapple, you're dealt the 3 cards, bet the preflop and flop like hold 'em.. but before the have to discard one of your 3 cards..

    Maybe they're diff variations?

  2. Mistyped my webpage in the last one ;)

  3. This isn't Crazy Pineapple, it's Pineapple Deluxe ;-)