Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Poker Gods giveth, the Poker Gods taketh away

No one can deny that luck is an important factor in every player's success from day to day. A daily player who assessed his profits for the year, can accurately chalk up his winnings to skill, but the guy who wins the World Series of Poker, although skillful to some degree, had a very lucky day.

Oh can we live with this? We must accept that we are not masters of our own fate. We have to look at our bad beats and know that it everything happens for a reason. Winning that hand was not part of the Poker Gods master plan. When your full house loses to a straight flush on the river, take comfort in the fact that you were predestined to lose. What the Poker Gods giveth, they taketh away.

I use the allusion of a higher power governing gambling so that I can sleep at night after that two-outer hits against me, but I know that deep down, they are a fair Poker Gods. I may never get as lucky as some yahoos I play against, but that is because I don't put myself in a position to need to hit my only out. But I do occasionally have luck on my side, and I know that I don't dwell on my good fortune as long as I obsess on the bad. It is human nature, and it is what makes us always feel like the underdog.

So I put my faith in the Gods and accept their judgment. For I am but a man, and cannot alter the river's course.

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  1. Nicely said. I enjoyed reading your article and look forward to many more.