Monday, March 31, 2008

Hardware Pick of March: KEM Cards

KEM CardsPoker has gotten too mainstream for anyone to get by hosting a regular poker game without a decent set of chips and cards. The first to go is the chips, those plastic disks from Wal-mart just don't fly anymore. If you are still using them, for god's sake buy some clay...but I digress. This is about the cards.

You don't want your chips plastic, but you do want your cards plastic. My recommendation goes to KEM cards, but really any plastic deck will work. They are far more durable than paper. It takes some real effort to bend or mark these, which is good considering they are much more expensive that paper decks. The economy of KEM shows in the long run in that they will last you for life. Okay, your mileage may vary, but they will last much longer than paper. You can even wash the cards when they are dirty, try doing that with paper.

Speaking of which, I have tested their aquatic ability. On one occasion my friends and I have used plastic cards to play a round of hold'em on submerged table in a pool. They were as good as new when we were finished.

They probably don't sell plastic decks in your neighborhood super-store, but never fear, you can buy anything on-line. If you want to go with KEM, you can buy yourself a deck here.


  1. Hey, some of us run a poker store stocking plastic cards with all of them open and able to shuffle and get a feel for. :) If you're ever in Phoenix, Arizona, that is...

  2. I've always wanted to spend some time out west, if I do I'll look you up. (I'm in Atlanta)