Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back from the road

Missed me? Haven't posted the past week and change because I was out-of town visiting family. However, I did manage to fit in an overnight trip to Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino and yes, I got around to playing cards and no, it didn't go well.

The casino itself was nice, but a little too slot machine heavy for my taste, as are all casinos. It is the largest casino on the New York side of the falls, but not on the Canadian side. I have visited the Canadian casino previously, but only when they didn't require a passport to cross the border. It looked like that little bit of U.S. legislation but a dent in Canada's border tourism.

Cutting to the chase, (and I use the term chase here for a reason) I sat down at a $1/$2 no-limit table. After a little folding while I got to know my table, I'm dealt pocket Queens. My table appeared tight and I was in the dealer position. Three people called the $2 blind. I raise it up to six times the blind, $12, over-betting the pot. The small blind folds, the big blind calls as does two of the three other callers. More callers than I would have liked, I half thought that bet was high enough to steal the blinds from how the table was going, still the flop brought a smile to my face.

The flop was all trash, 2 4 9 off suit. Everyone checks to me. The only thing to fear was someone slow playing trips, unlikely. I bet $20 and one person stays with me. To sum up, the turn is a 2, I go all-in with another $20 or so and he calls and win with trip 2s. His hand was K 2.

Granted, he could have also beaten me with a king, but at least if a king shown I would have spent more effort in reading my opponent and may have folded. If I played it wrong, it was my not going all-in on the flop. I accepted that the poker gods had forsaken me and the bad taste of someone calling that pre-flop raise with a K 2 off made me swear off poker for the night.

If you would have played the hand different let me know in the comments. We all can learn from our mistakes. My next post will be back to saying something of value, I promise.


  1. Pretty tough luck Grundy. I play regularliy with a mavrick player who would play a K2 offsuit when a 6x blind was put in which makes me play even tighter than usual. The only thing I may have done different is check after the turn with the low pair on the board.

  2. Sounds like you had about $52 to start the hand with. I like your raise, but on the flop I think $20 is weaksauce as you only have $20 behind. With 3 callers on the flop that makes the pot size $48 - you need to shove on the flop. If the K2 guy calls - fine, you got him where you want him. Same result, better play in my opinion.

  3. Therein lies the main problem Mike, the trip wasn't poker oriented. I only had about $50 to blow. I needed to sit down with more cash to play my game.

  4. K2? WTF! God knows where these players learn to play but no book or forum has ever advocated playing utter trash like that.