Friday, June 20, 2008

Stolen from the desk of David Sasseman

Probability That None Of Your Opponents Match Their Hole Card On The Flop.
Number of Opponents VS. Flop Does Match Hole Card

1 0.65

2 0.40

3 0.25

4 0.15

5 0.10

6 0.05

Some conclusions:

(1) Against four to five foes it is certain someone has flopped something. That is why it is 'fit or acquit' / 'hit or miss' poker. (2) When playing against one to two players, it is +EV to the flop. Heads-up, two out of three times your opponent will miss the flop. Two out of three times you miss the flop. One in three time you will hit the flop. Four out of nine times you both miss the flop. Knowing this, when playing short handed hold'em (and if you know what range of hands your opponent will call you with), you can exploit almost all players.
(Flop is unpaired. Your hole cards are unpaired. You must consider your opponent will have a pocket pair sometime.)

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