Saturday, July 12, 2008

Confidence vs. Arrogance

All poker players sit at the poker table with the intention to win. Good poker players sit down with the expectation to win. Bad poker players sit without considering the possibility of losing

You always want to find the table in which you have the advantage. I watch tables play for a while before I sit down, and I sit down at the table when I'm fairly sure I am among the most skilled at attendance. This is good practice. If you are not doing this you might as when play craps.

The confident player's over zealous brother is the arrogant player. He tips off his feeling with constant bad beat stories. Although he plays the game well, he misses chances to profit while telling others how to play. His wins are pure skill and his loses are entirely dumb luck. This outlook translates into never learning or improving from mistakes, because he "never" makes them.

It is important to not cross the line into arrogance or you will spend every lucky night without friends and every unlucky night on tilt and severely in the hole...and, come to think of it, also without friends.

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