Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pick of July: Learn Poker From The Joes Podcast

This month I'm going with a podcast to which I have recently started listening. Restarted actually, I gave them a chance early on and lost interest, but I can give a full recommendation now to Learn Poker From The Joes.

For starters, a podcast is a show distributed over the internet. In this case it is audio, so you can think of it as a weekly radio program lasting  around an hour. Except it is better than radio in that it is commercial free.
Learn Poker From The Joes is a play on Full Tilt's podcast Learn Poker from the Pros. Full Tilt's show is also very good and also comes in a video format. However, it doesn't get "pick" status because the episodes are too short to hash out any real information.

The host "Joe," a guy called Judge, knows his stuff keeps his various guests on track, as all good hosts should. My favorite guest goes by KOOGE. There is no reason to listen to the episodes in order, so I suggest listening to a recent show featuring KOOGE first. For most, meaning iPod users, it is easiest to access the show on iTunes.

These guys are not pros, and yes, anyone can start a podcast, but the "Joes" go over more solid poker than the other popular poker podcasts (say that five times fast.) Many, like PokerRoad radio, spend the whole time complaining about bad beats at whatever tournament they are recording from.

Learn Poker From The Joes is a great podcast for beginning players and anyone who needs to re-examine their game. The "Joes" have brought up many aspects of the game I never considered or have forgot the importance. If you like this blog, give them a listen.


  1. I wholeheartedly 100% agree. I could not have said it any better

  2. I started to listen to this podcast based on another positive review. I'm mixed. Early episodes have a lot of bad beat discussions and complaints about players who justify their play with "Its free poker" Also, I find Judge's voice annoying.

    I may try a few more episodes, but as it is right now, the games they play in FL seem so different than what I'm seeing in Vegas that I am not able to apply much of what they say.

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