Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Open Source Poker

There have been a rash of accusations against various on-line poker rooms, which begs the question: are they all cheats? I don't know. Some have evidence of foul play, others not. All I know is that the trust factor isn't what it used to be...and honestly, it was never that high.

So Mr. FullTilt and the rest, I submit to you the only option you have to renew trust in your business model. Be transparent, open-source your code. Let everyone see the interworkings of your site in real time. No one will be able to falsely accuse again, because everyone will know for a fact when you are in the wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting all online poker sites on the hotseat. There are still quite few credible free poker sites out there, but scams are putting all of them in a bad light.

I realize that openness would make your site more accessible to hackers, but if they could hack you, they already would have. I trust you are plenty vigilant of that with your bottom line in mind. And if you were hacked, that too would be made public.

Your customers doubt that you have their best interests in mind. We don't mind losing money, but only if it's lost fair and square. The Internet is a free and open place; I'm only asking you to fill half that requirement.

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