Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Killed Poker Chat?

A long time ago in a poker room far far away, on-line gamblers came together at a virtual round table to play some cards and exchange friendly banter. The game is still available, but where's the banter?

Every on-line poker room I encounter offers a chat module to allow patrons to converse. And converse they did. They did. Nowadays the chatty player seems to be a rare breed. Why is this? I have my theories.

  • Many players multitask in today's ADD world. While they play poker they check their email, watch TV, poker. With five tables in play who has time to chat? Nobody, that's who.

  • The poker sites ban players from chat if they get enough complaints. "Enough" isn't usually a high number. Sure, I don't want to see people abuse chat with racist comments. Nobody wants a flame war, but attempting to get someone on tilt with PG-13 language shouldn't be a censorable offense.

  • Chat can be turned off now, which I suppose is nice if you really need to focus on your cards, but I think some people just forget to turn it back on.

If you don't like chat on principle, than I guess there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. However, if you've been burned in the past by slanderous comments, give it one more try. I like the company.

If you are in the same boat as myself, I have another option to regain that sense of poker community. There is a growing population of poker players on Twitter that I take jabs at talk to everyday. In fact, my sister site, Pokerplasm (I say sister not because HellsColdDay is related to the site, but because the writer there is a girlyman) is getting everyone together for a weekly, private Twitter tournament or "Twourney." For more info, I have three easy steps. 1. Join Twitter. 2. Follow @grundy and @pokerplasm. 3. Shoot us a message to get the password and time. Twournies are the next big thing in poker!

I also recommend following @cprpoker @pokervixen @street3 @jimbl and @robertbasil as they are also founding members of Twouney. Oh, and just kidding about the girlyman stuff 'Plas.


  1. True, we are a sister site. PokerPlasm's first attempt at breaking into the poker information world was directed at nuns.

    Sadly, our Research Team did a piss poor job of looking at trends, quantitative analysis, multiple regressions...and actually asking nuns if they play poker. Little did we know that nuns and poker are not compatible.

  2. I like the chatting somewhat while i play, makes the game more interesting. Although, sometimes I wish there was a mute function at real life tables.

  3. Or the mute button on Twitter with Grundy.