Monday, December 22, 2008

Knowing When to Quit: A Public Service Announcement.

When I'm sitting at the table not playing at my standard or better, I quit. If I'm losing in races or I fall victim to bad beats, or even if I make one or two mistakes, I usually stay the course. It is when I'm bleeding chips, tired, on tilt, distracted, or just not "feeling it" that I quit. And quit I should.

I'm talking about quitting for the day or even the week. I'm talking about quitting on the micro-scale. But what about the macro?

I'm assuming that you have been playing poker for a while. The year's end is upon us and we should take t his time to reflect on our performance. Are you up? If you are in the green that is an excellent indicator of performance, and you can only truly know if you are up if you have taken my previous advice and made note of your sessions. Green = you are, at the very least, a better than average poker player. Profitability paired with your enjoyment of playing relative to the time you invest in some equation only you can create sums up whether or not you should continue playing poker.

That said, you can be unprofitable and enjoy the game enough to justify your play. Although I would ask from where your enjoyment comes. For example: I love the game in the same way some people love chess or Halo or Football. It is a test of my abilities against other people's abilities. I don't play against the house. I don't play for the gamble. Luck is a part of the game, but not my part.

I bring this up because my blog is meant to make you a better player and offer entertaining diversions to those interested in cards. It is not meant to encourage compulsive gamblers. If luck is your part of the game, if the thrill of risk is what you are paying for with your chips, all I ask is that you make sure you can afford it. Know when to quit.

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