Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why US players should care about the state of on-line poker

The law is not on your side. I doubt that the authorities are going hunt you down for a few harmless sit-n-goes, but you never know. I've been pulled over for diving suspiciously under the speed limit before and subjected to a car search, so all bets are off if you ask me.

For the sake of argument, lets say the cops never actively go after your Internet gambling. If you advance in your poker career and start making more money, that cash flow could be traced. If you do well enough, you will be forced into deceiving the IRS in order to keep the illusion of lawfulness. The police may not actively investigate you, but the IRS will.

That is a concern of the of the high rollers, so let's say that doesn't affect you yet. How about this scenario: The site in which your money is invested may accidentally or maliciously lose your data. This doesn't have to happen at the PokerStars level, all the in betweens (GatorPay, Netellter, ect.) have fallible systems as well. As you are outside the law, there is no one you can turn to for fair play. Where is the Better Business Bureau when you need it? What are you going to do? Sue? You are technically a criminal.

I'm not being over dramatic, this has happened to me. As I've said before, I don't want you to quit playing on-line poker. I consider it a health protest to keep playing. My goal is merely to spread awareness of why it is important to usher Obama's "change" to our level.

Instruction as to how shall follow. Thanks for listening.


  1. True, true and true.

    If only gaming (gambling) would be considered legal THEN there would exist a necessary support system for the online player- high roller or not.

    And on what basis is gambling considered illegal- because it is addictive and because it has money involved? But doesn’t everything? Even cosmetic surgery is highly addictive and I do believe many people give more money to surgeons who promise them Cinderella- and deliver a Hunchback of Notre Dame – so shouldn’t that be considered more riskier gambling (as you do gamble with your health when going to shady Plastic Surgeries) than putting a few bucks on a online card game?

    So enough said, I like our posts- keep on doing it :)

    Nina’s last blog post..Scandinavian Stud aka Sökö

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  3. Grundy, I totally agree. Any way we can put pressure to legalize on-line poker, we should do it. Contact local state reps. and national reps. Let the Obama team know how we feel. Join up with the PPA (I attended their Massachusetts rally when I lived there). Can't wait for your followup instructions.

  4. I agree. Anything we can do to legalize online poker is good for mankind. This foolishness needs to come to an end. Playing poker never hurt anyone.

    Curtom’s last blog post..Curtom Flops Straight and Turns Royal Flush