Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HCD Poker Programing Note

No, I'm not actually posting any real content today, silly readers. Although I do have a couple updates for you:

New commenting system is in place and tested: DISQUS!

You can now reply to individual comments, log on with your Facebook creds and share your commenting history with other sites using DISQUS. Examples of other sites using DISQUS? Well, I added it to my other blogs! (plug plug) and my personal site,

The system has been tested and retested...but if your comments disappear into the great beyond, please contact me.

HCD business cards!

If you see me in person, ask for one. If you lose to me in person, I'll give you one and tell you to become a better player by visiting my site....mostly because I'm a blowhard.

You can make verbal comments to me using something called a phone with Google Voice by either calling the number on above card or using the Google Voice widget on the sidebar. (scroll down, yeah, there it is!)

There it is. More posts coming soon. New HCD logo to be voted on. Huzzah!


  1. Nice cards. They are very neat, and stylish.

  2. Nice cards. They are very neat, and stylish.