Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poker Theory

bballI have developed a theory. It probably won’t increase your profits, but it might help you understand the game...or at least show insight as to how I understand the game. Let me know if you agree.

Theory: The experience of a highly skilled poker player is equivalent to the experience of a moderately skilled player of any given sport.

Say I’m good, not great, at basketball. I go to make my shot and it may or may not go in the hoop. Conversely, if I was Kobe, I would almost certainly score. The less skilled I am, the more I rely on luck to cover my inconsistency. If I was Kobe--nay, better than Kobe--I would never need luck. The whole of my career would be nothing but net.

I’m saying poker is the same, only it hits a wall. If I am a bad card player, I require ample luck to make up for it. If I am moderate, I need less luck. If I possess flawless poker ability, I still require some luck to win any given hand.

My theory compares experiences, not performance. This is completely independent from the skill of your opponent.

Sorry if this post seems a little stream of consious and poorly worded. I haven’t really fleshed this out. So what do you think? Is luck as used in sports at all like the luck used in poker? Is it downshifted? Am I crazy?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Poker Petition

Turns out Obama isn't the happy shiny poker person we hoped he'd be. Let him know...not with one voice, but all our voices.

Take ten seconds to sign the Poker Petition.

Fight for your right to shuffle up and deal!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Club Titan at

Trusted Sponsor: A lot of poker sites lay claim to the best VIP Club online. Who’s going to admit otherwise?

Imagine: “At XXX Poker, we say we’re going to give you free stuff, but unless you live to 105 and play every day until you’re dead, you’ll never see a dime.” The truth hurts, eh?

However, has upped the rewards program ante substantially with its refurbished VIP and loyal player programs.

The new Club Titan lets players redeem points earned from game play for more than baby buy-in tournaments and thin bonuses. Instead, point value increases exponentially as players collect them.

titan-poker_calculatorTranslation: more bonus, merchandise, freeroll and tournament access. For example, the difference between the value of 10,000 & 20,000 points is more than double (if you don’t get that math, I’ve got a Friday night poker game I’d like to invite you to).

And speaking of newbies, Titan’s online poker rules section is pretty good, too. Unlike learning to play from your chain-smoking, whiskey-sipping grandma whose slurred speech made it hard to understand the difference between a royal flush and a total lush (was that just my grandma?), Titan’s game strategy articles and flash Texas Hold’em tutorial are easy to follow.

Check it out or don’t. I’m off now. Got a game at XXX Poker, where I’m just 125,000,000 points shy of a free tee shirt. Until next time…

Monday, June 1, 2009

When you gotta go, you gotta fold.

It's been a long time since I've done a post on bladder control...okay, I've never done a post on bladder control. This has been a pee-free blog, however, this is all about to change.

Considering the fact that gamblers like their beer the the fact that on-line gamers digest a lot of caffeine, it is safe to assume that on-line poker players drink their fair share of liquids. This leads us to our problem. I understand many on-line tournaments factor in a break or two, that doesn't always cover our needs--which begs the question: when is the best time to run to the potty.

I'll keep this post short with an easy answer for once: take a restroom break just before the blinds hit you.

You don't want to go during your blinds, that is just throwing your money away. Bad starting hands may turn into something special if no one raises you out. You need to keep the big blind special on the menu. You also don't want to leave the table immediately after your blinds because then you are missing your position advantage. I always hold it until a hand or so away from my blind. So if you see me squirming and yet decide to play the hand, I've probably got a monster.