Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Club Titan at

Trusted Sponsor: A lot of poker sites lay claim to the best VIP Club online. Who’s going to admit otherwise?

Imagine: “At XXX Poker, we say we’re going to give you free stuff, but unless you live to 105 and play every day until you’re dead, you’ll never see a dime.” The truth hurts, eh?

However, has upped the rewards program ante substantially with its refurbished VIP and loyal player programs.

The new Club Titan lets players redeem points earned from game play for more than baby buy-in tournaments and thin bonuses. Instead, point value increases exponentially as players collect them.

titan-poker_calculatorTranslation: more bonus, merchandise, freeroll and tournament access. For example, the difference between the value of 10,000 & 20,000 points is more than double (if you don’t get that math, I’ve got a Friday night poker game I’d like to invite you to).

And speaking of newbies, Titan’s online poker rules section is pretty good, too. Unlike learning to play from your chain-smoking, whiskey-sipping grandma whose slurred speech made it hard to understand the difference between a royal flush and a total lush (was that just my grandma?), Titan’s game strategy articles and flash Texas Hold’em tutorial are easy to follow.

Check it out or don’t. I’m off now. Got a game at XXX Poker, where I’m just 125,000,000 points shy of a free tee shirt. Until next time…

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