Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can 4 Kids Make 2 Million In 2 Months?

m2mmThe gaming TV network G4 is kicking off a new reality show called 2 Months, 2 Million. The premise? Four math quizzes shack up for two months with the goal of winning two million dollars.

I don’t know much about the cast save for their quotes on the promo site, half of which reference huge losses in the past. I suspect they were picked for the same reason all reality TV personalities are picked–their personalities. These kids may be good at math, but this isn’t as simple as card counting. The dichotomy of an emo with violent tendancies (the usual reality star) and a good poker player don’t jive. If they had Hellmuth and Mike “The Mouth” that’d be something. If you can't tell, I’m not expecting them to live up to the show’s premise any more than “The Bachelor,” but hat’s off to G4 for making a season “prize” that costs them nothing. The Internet and Vegas fish are footing the bill, quite diabolical.

One aspect of the show is a room of the shared house called the “Tilt Room.” Basically, it's a room full of breakable, yet harmless, objects to serve as an outlet to unleash their bad beat rage. I must say, if I don’t make it through the season, I will be interested in watching a YouTube mash-up of these scenes. I’m sure we will all relate.

I’m not one for reality shows, but it’s nice to see a new poker program debuting. Unfortunately, it may be too late. The days of the Celeb Poker Spinoff and 24/7 WPT tourneys on the tube have come and gone. Texas Hold’em has been revived in our pop culture, but it is not nearly the craze it was a few years ago. I feel old. My expectation of M2M is that it will be a generic reality show with a sugary poker coating. I’ll give it a try, but I doubt I’ll make it to episode two.


  1. I'm sure they would say genius. Or it is geniuses?

  2. I'm sure they would say genius. Or it is geniuses?