Friday, August 21, 2009

Twitter, Now With More Gambling!

On the "it" social network of the day, Twitter, followers are a kind of social currency. And now, thanks to, we can treat that currency like we do all other currency--by gambling it away.

I recently tested the service, and by God it works! I won three games and gained a total of nine followers. How many did I lose? None. I'm just that good. So if you have been recently unfollowed, take comfort in the fact that I just don't like you anymore.

betyourfollowersThe said game is, by all accounts, lame. You shake your mouse which shakes an image of a gorilla. I would have gone with an image of dice, but what do I know. The fun is in the risk and reward of followers, not the game itself. You can pick which followers you are risking, so there is no need to worry about losing your BFF.

This is a novelty that you might want to play with if you have followers to spare, but until the game is less gorilla oriented and more poker oriented, I'll pass. As soon as I double or nothing on @PokerPlasm that is.

On Twitter? You can follow me @Grundy.


  1. I play, and just dropped ya. That game was a lot of fun!

  2. You'll miss me on those lonely nights.

  3. You'll miss me on those lonely nights.