Monday, April 5, 2010

Hard-Traveling Hero, Part I

A friend of mine travels the country in his big-rig, stopping from time to time to play cards. He will begin to chronicle his casino hopping exploits on HCD starting today in a series I'm calling "Hard-Traveling Hero."

Hello, all you online poker foes! I have traveled to almost all the casinos in the continental US, the only exception being the Hollywood casino in Connecticut. Yes, Connecticut has a casino and happens to be one the top casinos in United States.

Sure, you already know that playing a live game is different from playing online. Here is my experience in past one year traveling around the country

First time I ever walked into Bellagio I was "awwwwed". Luckily, Bellagio's poker room is right near the entrance if you take the bridge. And that's what I ended up doing. I sat down on a live table, decided I can play few hands before the $300 buy-in tournament. (You can find all the tournament times and buy-ins online.). I lost $380 dollars in 45 minutes. 1/2 blinds no-limit. 30 minutes in I raised with AK, something I am use to online. I raised $15 dollars, 1 person re-raised me $15 more. $63 in pot. Flop was A K 2. Money hand for me. I bet $80 on flop. He calls without much hesitation. $223 in pot. Turn was a 7. I bet all-in $180. He calls and shows KK. River did not help me. Can u guess what I did wrong?.

Next week I will write about the live tournament at Bellagio.


  1. AK vs. KK with a flop of AK2- what did you do wrong?
    Nothing. He min reraised before the flop so his range of hands were AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AK maybe AQ, or 99. So when the flop came AK2 you could have played small ball IF he let you. But what else could you have done??? (Sounds like you were out of position.)

  2. Hey, Chip Slinger! Do your chips linger? Our hard traveling hero is none other than Bat. He played at Austin's once or twice.

  3. I remember Bat from the wedding. I like him!