Monday, April 12, 2010

Hard-Traveling Hero, Part II

About my last post: first mistake, I was too aggressive to bet out in money game with AK. I should have just called. Knowing that if any one on the table had a hand they would raise. All I had to do was re-raise. If the raise was not too big I would have re-raised, and fold if he re-raised back.

Second, I got greedy. I should have checked the turn after being called because the pot was already huge. By now, I should known either he is chasing or is sitting on trips. I should have cut my losses.

Tournament later that day. 86 players...

I was the third man out. I went out little by little. I did not play tight, and when I did have a hand I was scared to play. I did not converge from my good hand. To paraphrase a famous player, all you need is more chips every round then what you had in previous round. Meaning as long as you are up from previous round you are on your way to final table. I did not do that. I simply kept calling...and let my opponent catch their cards. Where I should have been aggressive I wasn't and where should have been passive I was aggressive. I had my game mixed up.

Vegas is tough, especially for online players. Online is fast paced. Live is slow paced. Online poker is like playing poker on steroids.

Next week I gain experience, and return with a vengeance in Sin City. This time I am ready.

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  1. I think I disagree with this assessment.

    You have to raise with AK here. It's a premium hand and you don't want to be taking the flop 6-handed. Raise and get the garbage hands out of the way.

    When you were re-raised, that could mean a lot of things. I believe a call was weak here. I'd rather see a re-raise and see what happens. While I don't always believe a "raise to see where you are" is appropriate, I am a big fan of doing so with AK. A re-raise here would have accomplished one of three things.

    a) It could have taken down the pot immediately. Not a bad scenario with AK.
    b) It could have produced a re-raise which would have told you that you are more than likely facing AA or KK.
    c) It could have produced a call which leaves you no worse off than you were before - after all, you can't do worse than lose all of your chips.

    I think the most likely scenario with a re-raise is that your opponent re-raises big and you fold. While not a pretty scenario, it gets you off the hook for less than your whole stack.