Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ready, Set, Tilt!

For those of you that want acting to be your source of income, I recommend Hollywood. At the table I forgo deceptive acting for a good poker face. I know two things. One, I'm not that great of an actor; and two, people overestimate their acting prowess. In other words, you are not as good as you think you are and I'm even worse then my poor estimation.

That said, there is one time that I do recommend pushing your table image with a little theater--after a lost pot, especially when a bad beat is involved.

There you are processing your loss. You have the strength of will to accept it and move on. That is awesome, you are a good poker player, but lets not let an opportunity pass you by. Say your next hand is strong--a pocket pair or big slick. Bet big like you are on tilt, because the table expects you to be on tilt. Act like you are throwing caution to the wind with a touch of "poor me." You will likely get a call from a sub-par hand and be in position to take them for a ride to the river if in fact you are confident that you still hold the winning hand.

For me, this act means even more. After a bad beat, I am on tilt. It's only natural. I'm not full tilt, but I am still stewing. After all, the poker gods have forsaken me. When I act as though I am further along the road to tiltsville than I am, I usually right my course. I focus on the role that I'm playing rather than focusing on the last hand. By acting on tilt, I am no longer on tilt.

Give this strategy a try. In fact, make it a point to play the next hand after a bad beat as long as the position advantage is on your side. The state of your image may well earn you better implied odds when the betting starts.

Warning: If you are the type to easily go full tilt, do not try this. The acting will only be fooling yourself.