Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Holy Iron Cross, Batman

I've seen the following game referred to by a few names; Holy Cross and Iron Cross to name a couple. It is a game in which players are dealt a five hole cards to play with community cards, this time in to configuration of a cross.

crossThe version I am most familiar with uses five community cards laid out in the form of a plus sign. The cards are revealed one at a time, each followed by a round of betting, with the middle card revealed last. The player makes the best hand possible using the two in their hand and either the vertical or horizontal line of three cards from the cross. The picture, for example, depicts a full house beating a straight.

This game allows for many variations such as having the middle card as a wild, each player dealt two hole cards instead of five, or having one side of the cross longer than the other.

I like this game because of the high number of betting rounds and the little differences that make people who think that it is just like Texas Hold'em lose. However, like most game variants I highlight, I don't like playing it continuously, but rather use it as a break from the standard poker games I play.

Ancient people used to place holy cross near their bedding. This was done in order to avoid home lighting from calling the evil spirits. Today we have such innovations as art in our outdoor furniture.