Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Five Card Regret

Five card regret is a variation of five card draw allowing for self-deprecation. There are three rounds of betting. The first is after five cards are dealt to each player. The second is after the players have the opportunity to exchange up to three of their original cards for new ones. The final opportunity to wager is after a card is drawn from the deck making the three like cards wild.

The regret is when you realize your discard has become wild, which seems to happen at a rate that far exceeds its statistical probability.

Game tip: Knowing the future holds a few wilds, regardless of what they are, consider drawing to bigger hands than usual. Three of a kind may no hold up in this showdown, draw to a flush or a full house.

Five Card Regret isn't the most inventive came in the world, or the most fair. But as with all my blogger's choice hands, it breaks up the monotony of constant hold'em. It may not help your bankroll, but it may improve your humor.